Here’s what you don’t know about LinkedIn

July 23, 2015 3:08 pm

By now most business professionals have a LinkedIn profile. That profile may be as simple and basic as your name, title and business name, or you may be using it comprehensively to source new opportunities and build quality relationships.

Here’s a snapshot of LinkedIn:

  • Launched May 2003
  • LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service
  • Two new people sign up to
  • LinkedIn every second
  • 70% of LinkedIn users are outside of the US
  • 35% of users access LinkedIn every day

Many LinkedIn profile owners log in to the platform ‘every now and then’, accept (or decline) invitations to connect and log out again and wonder what is the point of another social media platform to manage.

Here are some LinkedIn functionalities of which you may not be aware. You can:

  • create a company page for your business that people can follow
  • export a list of all of your LinkedIn connections, including their first name, surname and email address
  • import a list of all of your connections outside of LinkedIn using something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet
  • run and save searches and have LinkedIn email you the results weekly or monthly
  • categorise your connections and assign them to lists to help you manage and maintain the relationships you have created
  • filter lists of connections
  • view who is looking at your profile
  • record data and information against individual connections that is only visible to you
  • view how you rank against your competitors
  • set reminders and have LinkedIn email you when that task is due
  • write long-form posts (blogs) which help build your reputation and credibility
  • endorse and be endorsed by your connections for strengths and skills
  • give and receive recommendations (testimonials) which builds credibility
  • follow key business people and subscribe to their long-form post (blog), i.e. Richard Branson, Naomi Simson, etc.

LinkedIn’s user-friendly functionality provides you with an opportunity to connect with people and build quality relationships (rather than focusing on the quantity of relationships) that you have with people. If you’re already using LinkedIn, it’s important to employ a strategy to maximise the return on your investment.

And if you’ve been put-off using social media in your business, I encourage you to be open to and embrace LinkedIn for your professional and business success.

Do you want to develop a LinkedIn strategy to help build your brand, reputation and relationships with your network? Quisk Design facilitates group 2-hour LinkedIn Sessions every month or one-on-one consultations on demand. Visit to view the next available session. Alternatively contact us to arrange a LinkedIn Profile Audit and Review.


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