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Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing


There are benefits that video have that text alone just can’t live up to.

There is a lot of competition online, and when given the choice to read a paragraph of text or watch a 20 second video, your audience will always choose the latter.

Your audience want to see YOU, and a great way to further connect with your followers is through video.

One common misconception that a lot of people make with video is that they assume you need a production crew and professional cameras to film a video – this just isn’t true.

Start by grabbing your iPhone, sitting in front of a plain background or stepping outside into some natural light and start filming. This could be a quick 30 second video about yourself or your business, or a quick behind the scenes tour of your business. Like anything, practice makes perfect, and no one expects a movie quality video!

Check out the following tips on how to get started with video as a beginner:


Before you start filming, prepare a plan of attack. Sit down and think about who your target audience is, and what you think they want to see. Do some research into the best times to upload on which social platforms, and learn which social platforms are best for what type of content. Take the time to prepare a strategy, so that you can get on top of your video schedule.


When determining the format of your video, consider the different platforms where you will upload your video. For example, if you are doing a live Facebook or Instagram video, or uploading to your story, film landscape. If you are posting straight onto a platforms feed, then film horizontal. This will optimise your content for the best possible viewing for your audience. Also consider adding subtitles, as most people may be watching when they are in a loud location.


Before filming, consider some of the following inexpensive items you might need to make your video a little better quality for your audience. Don’t worry about purchasing an expensive camera, an iPhone is perfect for beginners. The camera quality is pretty good and it’s easy to use. Consider purchasing a tripod, a small microphone and if absolutely necessary, lighting equipment. There are a number of free editing tools available, iMovie is a great starting point.


Choosing the right location is integral to your video, don’t stand in front of a background that has too much going on, your audience will get distracted. Consider filming outside in a quiet area, natural lighting is the best lighting, and being outside eliminates the chance of echoing sound. If you are filming inside, stand in front of a simple background.

Test, test, test!

Practice makes perfect. Do a few test runs to figure out your best angles, the best lighting and best locations for your videos. You might not always get the shot on the first go, but keep trying and you’ll keep improving every time!

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