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Influencer Marketing – is it the right move for your business?


An influencer is someone with a large online following. Their following has come about due to providing something of interest to a niche audience, whether that be makeup tutorials or marketing tips. An influencer can be anyone, from anywhere, unlike celebrities. Influencer Marketing involves the collaboration of your business with an influencer to promote your brand!

Influencers can be a great resource for your business, but you need to be prepared and do your research before approaching just anyone with a large following.

Working with an influencer can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It helps establish trust with an audience, makes your brand look more credible and can give your audience the perception that you are an industry leader.

Before approaching an influencer, consider putting together a strategy, plan your budget and do your research. Consider who would be the right fit for your business, don’t waste your time contacting someone just because they have a large following without doing any further research. Ensure you’re contacting an influencer because they are relevant to your industry, they will reach a large number of people and there is a high chance of engagement.

The most important metric you should be tracking is conversions. How many people are not only seeing your ad, but clicking onto your website and purchasing your product or service?

The bottom line: People trust what other people have to say, and people are 92% more likely to trust word of mouth over any other type of marketing.

If you would like to learn more about influencer marketing and what it can do for your business, we can help you get started. Head over to our contact page for more information!

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