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Push vs Pull Marketing: Which is more effective?


The approach to marketing has changed a lot over the years, but one question remains - which is more effective: push or pull marketing?

What is Push Marketing?

Push marketing involves putting the product in front of the consumer. This strategy is generally used to promote a new product or if the product is in a niche market. This type of marketing is also effective when looking to move excess stock.

One of the benefits of push marketing is that it raises awareness for a lesser known product or service. Push marketing is a way to interrupt the audience so they see your product, for example, TV advertisements interrupt your TV viewing to show you a product or service!

What is Pull Marketing?

Pull marketing involves the customer actively seeking out the product. This strategy is a lot more discrete. This type of marketing is used when the customer knows what they're looking for or when the brand is well known.

One of the best forms of pull marketing is word of mouth, it's extremely effective as people trust others opinions, and best of all, it's free!

Which strategy is more effective?

A great marketing strategy incorporates elements of both push and pull marketing in order to be effective. In order for pull marketing to be effective, you need to have established your brand using push marketing.

A combination of both are key to the perfect marketing strategy!

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