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Top 3 Social Media Trends of 2018

Social Media is constantly evolving.

Although it may seem tough to keep up, there’s a lot to look forward to in the future of Social Media and how it can change your business’ marketing strategy for the better.

In 2018, there are three big features taking over the Social Media advertising space:

1. Live Video

Live Video is offered across a number of different social media platforms. Live content promotes authenticity – it gives your brand the opportunity to show what is going on behind the scenes, and on a day to day basis which your audience may not otherwise get to see. It’s also an extremely cost-effective way of using video content to promote your brand. It doesn’t require any editing or production.

Live Video can be used to live stream events, do a live Q&A or stream a how-to video.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality isn’t just a dancing hot dog or a moving flower crown.

Although Snapchat have boosted the popularity of Augmented Reality, it’s become popular not only among individuals, but business’ as well. IKEA have created an Augmented Reality app called ‘IKEA Place’ where you can virtually ‘place’ IKEA products in your space.

Research has found that incorporating Augmented Reality into your business strategy increases impulse purchases and boosts overall sales.

If an app isn’t in your budget, get onto Snapchat and utilise the resources it has to offer. You can also create a custom AR lens to entice your younger audience and get them involved.

3. Ephemeral Content

Facebook and Instagram both have ‘Story’ features that allow you to put up instant content that disappears after 24 hours. This content gives your brand a more authentic feel and allows people to see sides of the business they may not have seen before.

Ephemeral Content appears instantly at the top of the ‘Story’ feeds and doesn’t follow the same algorithm regarding how content is shown in the same way as the Facebook and Instagram newsfeed.

This type of content is great for teasing new products, promoting existing products, showing behind the scenes of the business and doing How-Tos.

In order to make these social trends work for your business, consistency is key. Be sure to plan your content ahead of time and identify which of the above social platforms are best suited to your business.

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