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Revitalising a corporate identity to showcase innovation

Gould Thorpe Planning (GTP) has worked with communities impacted by infrastructure projects throughout South Australia for over twenty years. They bridge the gap between residents and project teams to create positive shared outcomes by ensuring that community values are reflected in the projects they facilitate.

However, GTP felt their branding, including the logo and website, no longer captured their work's dynamic essence or engagement with communities.

Visual Identity and Online Presence Updated

Recognising the misalignment, GTP embarked on a journey with Quisk to improve its visual identity and effectively communicate its unique value to the community.

Our solution encompassed the creation of a new logo and website alongside a series of materials designed to reinvigorate GTP's image. Our strategic overhaul aimed to reflect GTP's vibrancy, innovation, and community-centric approach in its branding.

Enhanced Community Engagement

The newly designed logo and website reflect a modern, accessible, and engaging identity that better aligns with GTP's mission to engage communities with transformative projects.

This reinvigorated brand image improves GTP's ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, project teams, and communities alike.

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