Quisk web design and graphic design


We are energetic

We are a welcoming group of imaginative thinkers

We embody the colour orange, radiating warmth and optimism, spontaneity and creativity. We are motivated by exploring modern ways to communicate, and creating perfect design solutions for our clients.

We are adventurous in helping businesses to convey their great stories in the most inspiring style.

We are real

We are a practical, encouraging group of professionals, each bringing our own expertise to the team. We are as unique as our name. We share our culture of innovation and ingenuity with the brands we help to build.

We bring brands to life

We work hard to help our clients to realise their vision. We create a partnership with them to plan, inspire and develop creative brand communications that speak to their target market. We celebrate our clients' successes, because their growth is our greatest asset.

Big Picture

We will never lose sight of the big picture.

We give back to our community annually through our
Big Picture – The ‘Give Back’ Initiative.

We provide $6,000 gratis web design, graphic design, and social media services to a South Australian not-for-profit, volunteer or charity organisation to help them achieve their marketing goals. We will never lose sight of the big picture.

The Team

Jason Page

Jason Page

The Boss

This is Jason, he’s the boss. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table with over 16 years of grinding the graphic design and web industry..

As the Managing Director, Jason works one-on-one with our client helping achieve maximum results with their brand strategy and has a hands on approach with the creative output.

Jason’s expertise lies in the website interface and corporate identity design, but is also known to whip up the meanest of curries!

Kerryn Page

Kerryn Page


This is Kerryn. For the record, she’s not actually a real spuiker but jeez she can talk a lot. Kerryn’s valuable sales and people skills make her a vital cog in the Quisk FA-18 Super Hornet.

As Co-Director, Kerryn comes with 16+ years of top-level management, Training and Human Resource experience.

Kerryn’s baby is Social Media, keeping up to date with the latest platforms and strategies in media management, marketing and training.

If you’re at an event, Kerryn is most likely there; if you have a Facebook page, Kerryn has most probably ‘liked’ it. Connect with her on LinkedIn before she sends through a request!

Sharna Jones

Sharna Jones

Creative Instigator

This is Sharna – she still believes she got the graphic designer gig at Quisk because her hair matches.

Sharna wants to get to know you and your business; every project is an opportunity. Creative challenge? Bring it!

In a typical days work Sharna flits between designing your sales brochure, sketching concepts for your new logo, strategising the most effective way to reach your target market, managing your print job on the press or imagining your new branding coming to life. All in a days work! In between this she can be seen gazing out the window at the birds in the tree, people watching, and rescuing lost dogs.

Paper, patterns, print finishes and pretty colours are Sharna’s thing. She’s still not sure what she’d like to do when she grows up.

Brett Wainscott

Brett Wainscott

Presence Professor

This is Brett. Brett likes Google. Brett also likes PCs more than Macs, so some days we don’t talk to Brett.

Loving everything digital, he has a passion for strategy and analytics giving great insights into the performance and handling of our clients' online marketing.

With over 12 years experience in the SEO space, Brett simply gets our clients’ websites ranking.

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

Pixel Pusher

This is Matt, he's the resident font snob. Passionate about all things web, Matt provides the digital team with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Always seeking out the latest and best practices in Web Design & Development.

A typical millennial, he communicates primarily through gifs and runs on coffee. He is also known to become way too excited about backpacks and cameras.

Denham Haynes

Denham Haynes

Bézier Curver

Raised by wolves deep in the tropical forests of Adelaide; by night Denham holds the secret to eternal youth, fighting off spectral ghosts using his renowned telekinetic abilities; by day Denham is a well-mannered web designer and developer.

Fascinated by technology and media, Denham fills the gap between creative concept and technical implementation. With 10 years of experience designing and building websites he knows what does and doesn't work.

He also really, really likes chocolate.

Stephanie Librandi

Stephanie Librandi


This is Stephanie. Steph sits on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all day. She was on two strikes with HR, then we realised that's her role; Social Media Management!

Steph has a real love of everything social, wanting to help build healthy communities for your brand through engaging content and obligatory cat memes.

Steph loves long walks along the beach and has an incredible weakness for hot chips.