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5 ways to use Social Media to tell your brand story

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With the digital age upon us, the divide between our screens and the people behind them grow bigger each day.

Don’t get me wrong, stunning imagery and videos are important… but the people behind your business are your biggest asset, and your followers want to see your human side.

There's nothing more engaging than your real thoughts, feelings and emotions, and if you can find a way to incorporate these into your weekly content plan, your online presence will skyrocket!

Here are 5 ways you can use social media to tell your brand story:

1. Show your personality

Not every post needs to be sales-related. Think about what your business does outside of the normal day-to-day… do your staff volunteer? Do your pets come to work with you? Did you come across a hilarious meme? Share it!

It’s a great way to show off the fun side of your brand and makes your business more relatable.

2. Meet the team

The most important part of your business are the people behind it, so why not showcase them?

Everyone has a wonderful story to tell, and your followers will enjoy getting to know your team on a more personal level.

Did you know that photos showing a real face get 38% more engagement than those that don’t? More reason to get started!

3. Interact with your followers

If your followers are engaging with your posts, interact back! If they’ve taken the time to comment on your post, respond and acknowledge them.

Not only does this make them feel more involved, but it will encourage platforms to show more of your posts if you’re getting more engagement.

4. Build an online community

One of the most useful tools on social media platforms at the moment are groups. Each time you post in a group, every member gets a notification which means more people will see your content – helping you get around that pesky algorithm!

Use a group to post information about your business that is useful to each member, you could give away tips & tricks or post about discounts and promotions. Your followers will appreciate receiving something of value, and in return will become loyal brand advocates!

5. Just be yourself

There’s nothing more authentic and engaging than just being you!

Don’t try to be professional and serious if that just isn’t you, people appreciate business’ who are honest and real.

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