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How to create a click-worthy email subject line!


Email Marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. If your audience isn't opening your emails, you're missing out on a world of possibilities (and most importantly, sales!).

47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone. Make sure your subject line stands out amongst a sea of unopened, uninteresting emails. Provide your audience with engaging content and make them look forward to receiving your emails!

In order to create a click-worthy email subject line, it must:

Create a sense of urgency

Give your audience a time limit, this will cause the recipient to take action immediately rather than leaving your email in their inbox to be forgotten about e.g. 24 hours left to get 50% off!

Make your audience curious

People have a strong desire to know what's going on, we have serious FOMO! e.g. I have good news and bad news..

Present an offer

People love a great deal, and even more so, people love getting things for free – a once off deal can be a great incentive to create positive brand associations e.g. Download our free guide on how to use Instagram for business.

Be personalised to each recipient

Learn about your recipients, use names, job titles or even their likes and dislikes to tailor an email to them – cater your email to the individual.

Be relevant

Incorporate the latest trends or news headlines, but keep it timely! No one wants to hear about something that happened months ago.

Have an interesting story

People love hearing a compelling story, your audience wants to see a real and authentic side to your business.

Writing an email subject line doesn't have to be complicated, follow these tips to increase your click-through rate:

Keep it short and sweet

People aren't going to read a paragraph before they even open your email, keep it to the point and concise to pique interest.


Use information about the individual to tailor an email specifically to them, segment your lists accordingly. Don't waste time sending emails to people who aren't interested in the content.

Don't make false promises

No one likes a clickbait subject line, stating "What we found will shock you" when in fact you didn't find anything at all, this will reduce the likelihood of that person ever clicking on your email again – and will encourage them to unsubscribe.

Tell them what's inside

Get to the point and be obvious about the topic of your email – if it's an update on your business then let them know before they've opened the email.

Use numbers

This helps your email stand out among other emails and gives another element of intrigue e.g. 3 reasons to use social media for your business.

Pose a persuasive question

This will draw readers in, especially if the subject is relevant to the information they're looking for. For example, sending 'Do you want to get started on your fitness journey?' to those who have enquired about fitness and health plans.


People don't like being yelled at, and it also looks like spam in their inbox. Using all caps will most likely get your email ignored.

Figure out what works for you and your business by testing the tips mentioned above – some things will work better than others and the only way to find out is to get started!

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