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Why Brand Personality is so important!

Brand Personality is the association of human characteristics to a brand name. Brand Personality gives the consumer something to relate to and makes them feel like they are dealing with people rather than just a company.

Why does your brand need to establish a Brand Personality?

A brand personality makes your brand easily identifiable among your competitors. Ensure you have a brand personality that stands out, is easy to understand and isn’t forced. Don’t fake a brand personality, make sure it is true to your business’ core values and beliefs and is authentic to your brand. People connect to personality traits that align with their own, or those which they aspire to have. These connections help your brand to establish top-of-mind awareness and foster customer loyalty.

Be yourself without being a cliché!

How to uncover your Brands Personality:

How would you describe your business to other people?

Ask yourself – how would you describe your business to other people? What are the key words or phrases you would use when telling someone about your business?

How do you speak to your customers?

When speaking to a customer are you using a laidback tone or a serious, corporate tone? Make sure that your brand voice aligns with your brand personality!


Next, establish your identifiers. Develop a company logo, website, choose the colour tones, the typography, and finalise different design elements.

Create a style guide

A style guide is a manual that will ensure your companies work is consistent and up to a certain standard. This will also keep your brand personality consistent.

Uncovering your brand personality will give you a whole new world of opportunities and allow you to unleash your inner creativity to create a brand that is authentic and real. Your true fans will identify with your personality and you will notice returning customers who establish long-term relationships with the brand.

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